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2007 Miss Prescott/barrister,KNIFE EDGE, Anthony Hickox, Knife Edge Films Ltd.

Film (Short)

2015 Lady Elizabeth, PODSNAPPERY, Jason Welch, Sublime Universal Ltd..

2015 Older Imogen, WHEN HE’S GONE, Melissa J Woodside, Sublime Universal Ltd..

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2016 The Judge,  SPECSAVERS/HEARCARE IDENT:ITV,  Chris Denton,  Specsavers TV Services.

2016 Clare,  AVIVA IDENT for ITV,  Tim Reeves,  The Picture Production Company.

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2012 Web Presenter, HAMPSHIRE ROAD SAFETY WEBSITE, Matt Soper, The Creation Lab.


Love Commercial  Production Co.

2012 The Wife, COMEDY SKETCH PILOT, Lee Gant, Naylor and Gant.

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Hyper Happen.

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2011 Kate (Lead), GOOD MORNING DR.ALZHEIMER, Victor Sobchak, Company Theatre Collection

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2011 Blodwyn Morgan, DEATH BY FATAL MURDER, Steph Mott, The Undiscovered Theatre Company

2008 The Voice of Serbian Women, THE FORT, I C A, Suncica Milosavljevic.

1970s Various roles, Bar Theatrical Society.



2013 The Wife, Lifestyle Shoot, Hawkeye Studio, Colin Hawkins

2009 Martha/Prim busybody, TAKE A BREAK Magazine, David Lane.

2008 Bikers Wife, Commercial, Oak Creative Partners Ltd.


1972 Law Degree. LLB.Hons. London University,  King’s College.

1973 Barristers’ Final Examinations. Called to the Bar.

LAMDAGold Medal.


2013 Meisner Technique Workshop: Nancy Medina. Equity.

2012 Casting Workshop: Ben Cogan and Rowland Beckley.

2011 Audition Workshop: Raindance Festival: Mark Summers.

2011 TV Comedy Acting:  The Comedy School:  Sarah Hughes.

2011  Audition Workshop: Raindance Festival.

2010 Actors Platform – Series of 6 CD Workshops.

2009 Workshop – Shakespeare: Lisa Brunton-Wallace.

2009 Workshop – On Camera: Brendan McNamara.

2009 Masterclass – Rupert Such.

2009 Workshop – Michael Chekov technique: Polly Corbett.

2008 Acting for TV and Film Course: Amanda Cantor.

2008 Workshop – Love: Maria Bates.

2008 Workshop – Improvisation: Stephen Hubbard.

2007 Voice training: Bernard Shaw, Voice Actor and Coach.


1973 – 1996 Barrister – Specialising in criminal and family work.

1994 – 2000 Fieldmaster – Tedworth Hunt

1997 – 2000 Proprietor – White Horse Liveries.

2000 – 2007 Manager – Smallholding and equestrian activities.


Advocacy & Presenting – Qualified and experienced Barrister.

Role Play – Accredited Mediator.  NLP Practitioner.


Sports: Horse riding and handling, Skiing, Swimming, Tennis, Yoga.

Dance: Contemporary, Scottish Country, Ballroom, Jazz/Ballet.

Driving: Car, Lorries up to 7.5 tonnes.


“Very pleased with Jennifer for her part as the sinister Grandma Bariswold. Her performance and look were very reminiscent of Diana Rigg in the BBC’s Mother Love.
She performed a black comedy moment that is now one of my favourites in the film.”

Richard Crooks, Director, Muted

“Everything is very heartfelt, especially the performance of the mother, who is wonderful”

DCShorts Film Festival. Wendy in ‘Tom’.

“Congratulations on a fabulously moving performance. Tears will flow.”

Gareth Cousins, Composer, The Craftsman.

“You were fantastic in the film, enjoyed your performance very much.”

Christopher Lombard, Screenwriter, The Craftsman.

“I have had some outstanding feedback regarding your performance.”

Phillip Tatton, Producer, The Craftsman.

“I was lucky to have such a wonderful & talented actress playing Celia.”

Lee Murphy, Director, The Craftsman.

“A brilliant and charismatic performance.

Considerable talent for acting and voice

acting..Takes direction well..A great voice..very special.

A delight to work with.”

Tony Hickox,  Director, Knife Edge.

“A funny, hard-working and utterly inimitable talent.

Working with Jennifer was a tremendous pleasure.

Her professionalism and enthusiasm for role and project

were highly infectious. Both a highly capable actress and

a great trouper, always patient, understanding, sympathetic

and willing and able to lend a hand on set.”

Kyle Pedley,  Producer,  The Great Mouse Plot of 1923.

“Jennifer was an absolute pleasure to work with:

professional, quick to take in direction notes, very

consistent in performance and easy to work with.

I highly recommend her to future Producers/Directors.”

Barry Ferns MA, Director/Producer of The Leisure Virus

“May I say again how wonderful I thought you

were in the role and great to work with.”

David A Smith,  Assistant Director,  Beyond The Fire.

“Thank you for your great performance.

You have a great voice and a lot of gravitas.” Tuyet Le, Dir., Patient 17.

“Thank you for all your hard work and commitment on our Roland project.

You did a really great job!”

Andy Eaton,  Producer,  Roland.

“Smoky and very sexy with a hint of authority,

a lived in voice..Great fun to work with.”

Bernard Shaw,  Voice Actor and Coach.

“Great screen presence.”

Directors,  Julia & Blood of the Last.

“A wonderful voice.” Lorcan O’Toole, Actor.

“It was a pleasure working with you (and a lot of

fun, too!). Thanks for making the shoot so

easy and relaxed.”

Marilena Stracke,  Director,  Carpe Diem.

“We all thought you were superb.”

Gareth Evans,  Director,  Flamingo Man.

“Thank you for all your hard work

and a great performance”.

Raffaella De Santis, Proucer, All in the Details

“An amazing talent both on set and off.”

Matthew Jay France, Producer, The Uneventful Life.

“Your performance was wonderful.

You really brought the character to life.”

Yvette Ross, Director, A Rather Grimm Tale.

“Thanks again for the great performance

and it was a pleasure working with you”

Nic Franklin, producer, J&J Corporate Video

“Jennifer was BRILLIANT. She is absolutely hilarious,

took direction very well, was an absolute pleasure to work with:

a big bonus to anyone’s cast; highly recommended.”

Anna Bennett, Hot Headshots.

“Brilliant. Very professional,

great with lines and improv and a lovely person!!”

Andy Keelaghan,Dir. Across the Pond. TV Comedy Pilot.